Sweetest Nashville Broadway Proposal

John decided last minute that Friday, October 23 would be the day he’d ask Caroline to be his forever.

I’ve known Caroline since my first semester I transferred to MTSU over four years ago. We we connected over both being film majors and growing up in the northeast. When John came into her life, I could tell he was there to stay. They have both been head over heels for each other since day one. John even planned a surprise photoshoot for them back when they first started dating. And little does Caroline know, but he’s been whispering proposal ideas to me for probably over a year every time we saw each other!

So on Friday, we quickly adjusted our plans only to realize the rain was going to be nonstop – lightning and everything. The radar said it wouldn’t clear up until the next morning. But somehow when I got down to Broadway, the rain had completely stopped. And they had just finished dinner and were ready to leave with it all working perfectly.

John, Caroline and their sweet friends, walked down to Broadway, me creepily following them while hiding behind Dallas who was wearing a beanie and rain coat and all haha. Broadway was blocked from traffic due to it being the weekend and the bars having lines out the door.

That meant John could walk right out to the middle of the street to take a “picture” with Caroline. Then this magic happened and I jumped out behind Dallas to capture it all! There may have been a drunk guy or two photobombing the moment and lots of tourists capturing it on their phones, but John + Caroline were in their own world of pure happiness and she was so surprised!! Oh and my husband, Dallas, took over as “proposal security” and moved all of the photo bombers out of my way for the photo haha, thanks hubby!

It was all so amazing to not only witness, but capture, and I feel so honored to have been able to do it for them! There’s something a little extra special about documenting some of the biggest moments of your friends lives and I wouldn’t trade this job for the world!

xo, kailee rose






October 29, 2020


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