Honeymoon Photoshoot

You’re newly married and madly in love, headed on your honeymoon and looking for something to do? Here are 3 reasons to have a couples shoot on your honeymoon. While your big day is full of excitement and endless hugs from loved ones, there is something magical about capturing the newlywed chapter of your life on camera. 

Reason #1 – It’s More Intimate with just You Two

Cheyenne and Miquela, being recently married, were heading to El Matador state beach in southern California to relax a bit after the hustle and bustle of their big day. They were still riding the high from being around friends and family, but wanted a more intimate experience as newlyweds that documented such a beautiful chapter of their life. Wedding guests are always looking for gift ideas, why not add a honeymoon photoshoot to your wedding registry? A timeless gift that is interactive and memorable.

Reason #2 – The Location has it’s own Special Meaning

While your special day is documented from sunup to sun down, your honeymoon is a special place that is chosen with just the two of you in mind. Whether it’s the shores of California, the mountains in the Midwest, or maybe a tropical island backdrop for your honeymoon, wherever you land is probably sunny and memorable.. sounds like the perfect place for a photo shoot to me! No distractions, no friends or family running around, just the two of you as newlyweds capturing the blissful energy surrounding you.  The real world can wait, can’t it?

Reason #3 – You Can Be Wild & Get Dirty

While wedding days are full of timelines, reapplying lipstick, and making sure Grandma is happy. 1 of 3 reasons to have a couples shoot on your honeymoon is so you have the opportunity to wear your wedding attire again without the fear of messing anything up! It may sound crazy, but running down the beach in your wedding dress, getting the sand in your toes and a little wind in your hair is absolute magic. Honeymoon sessions are bound to round out your wedding experience and give you yet another reason to spend quality time with your honey, in a place you will always remember as the first trip as newlyweds.

xo, kailee rose

May 8, 2022

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