Classy & Casual Engagement Wardrobe

There’s a reason I always recommend having two looks for your engagement session. It not only gives you the best of both worlds – classy and casual photo options – but it gives you the opportunity to see how wardrobe can affect your photos. Your engagement wardrobe is more important than you may think and definitely worth planning ahead of your session! Keep reading to learn more and see the cutest Nashville country styled session for Emily and Caleb!

Let’s Talk Classic Looks

Classy looks give you an opportunity to dress up and feel fancy, and how often do you get to do that?! The classic engagement wardrobe options are also likely the closest to the style of what you are wearing on your wedding day – think white dresses, heels, dress shoes, suits, tuxes, blazers. Wearing this for your session gives you a chance to see what it’s like moving and posing in more restrictive clothing and therefore, more comfortable on your wedding day, since it’ll feel familiar! The downside is movement can be limiting and you may be less likely to want to do posing such as piggyback rides, running, sitting on certain surfaces. But if you love posing like that and want to see how it looks and feels in dressier clothes, this is the time to try it out!

What About Casual Styles

Casual looks are usually when the more freeing and fun opportunities for photos happen! Running, jumping, picking up, throwing over your shoulder – I will try all the movements you let me because they give the best reactions!! It’s all about the emotion, laughter, reactions, and simply having a good time. The more you move, the more you aren’t thinking about the fact that there’s a camera pointed in your direction. This is how candid, natural photos are captured! Plus, you’re less likely to worry about your clothes getting dirty, so laughing in the grass, jumping in the ocean, running in the rain – those are all options you tend to be more open too!

Of course moving this much can mean you don’t get as much practice being comfortable just being still and with each other in front of the camera. Since your wardrobe will likely be more restricting on your wedding day. But having a casual option at your engagement session still has more upsides to it. Seeing how “getting dirty and wet” can still make for amazing photos, usually makes you ten times more likely to risk it on your wedding day as well. You realize embracing your surroundings and the weather is worth it to truly capture what you experienced on your wedding day.

So having the best of both worlds with your engagement wardrobe truly prepares you for the best wedding photos. And did I mention how much fun we will have too?!

Not sure where to start with choosing outfits? Check out my blog about what to wear to your engagement session!

xo, kailee rose

May 10, 2023

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