What to Wear to Your Engagement Session

Okay so you are newly engaged, the energy is high, and you finally locked in your dream wedding photographer…now what!? Some might say this is the time to kick back and relax, and others will tell you that the planning has just begun and to be off to the races. In my opinion, do as much as you feel necessary for the time being so you don’t stress yourself out, and can enjoy the process as you go. It’s all about the journey and the destination in this instance!

Engagement photos are typically talked about right off the bat once booking with your photographer for many reasons. First, so you can get on the books and have photos to use for your save the dates and wedding website. Second, so you can get to know your photographer a bit more and become more comfortable in front of the camera before your big day! Now lets jump into pre session planning and details..

There are a few things to consider before the engagement session approaches!


I always ask that my couples wear something they are truly comfortable in. We will be having fun with poses and movement, and wearing something you feel confident in and can move freely in is so crucial!


Recognize which season you are in weather wise and dress accordingly. You can tell in photos if you are much too hot or cold, so bring a cardigan or even a beanie hat if it’s winter, and if it’s warmer maybe consider a cute hat or sundress!


While many photographers make their own guidelines for what the session will entail, many times you will have the option to wear two outfits. I recommend choosing one that is more casual, and another that is more formal or just different in some way. You can even go as far as doing bathing suits for one, and formal dress wear for the other. This is totally up to you, and makes it seem as though you had two photoshoots in one!


Once you have begun to decide the vibe you are going for, now comes the fun part of actually laying out outfits and picking your favs! Never hesitate to send options to your photographer for a second opinion, after all we do wanna be besties!! I always lean more towards textures, soft patterns, and layers. Big strong patterns like large polka dots and heavy stripes can be distracting, but something like a layered cardigan over a soft textured t-shirt is so nice! Take your time in laying out your options, trying them on, and don’t forget the shoes of course!! Like anything, give yourself enough time to prepare so you are not running around last minute trying things on.

I love shopping for clothes on Amazon! I rarely have time to go to the actual store + I much prefer trying on at home + pairing with my favorite pieces I already have! So I’m sharing some of my favorite items to use for layered texture below!

Check out more outfit inspiration (for both the girls + guys) on my Idea List!

Your engagement shoot will be fun, light hearted, and bring you two closer with each other and your photographer of choice. Let loose and have some fun, after all you are getting married!!

xo, kailee rose

August 12, 2022

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