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Is a beach engagement session right for you? When beginning to think about where you would like to take your engagement photos, there are many things to consider! Beaches have been a hot commodity lately, no pun intended! Is there anything dreamier than a romantic sunset session with your loved one on the water? I think not. I know that a beach is not always an option, but when it is, this is why I think you should do your engagement photos at the beach!







Now I know that there are many factors that play into choosing a beach session like location, weather, and the public. I do always like to note that sometimes the things you cannot control, may end up being one of your favorite parts about the session. Like having a swarm of birds fly up behind you, or a bunch of families with big fun umbrellas in the background. Beach sessions are a little bit messy, give you ample room for twirling around and taking up space, and especially nice for couples who like to get a bit handsy in the water! San Diego, Charleston, Key West, and Martha’s Vineyard are just a few favorite spots I have had the pleasure of photographing couples at!

So back to the original thought… is a beach engagement session right for you? There are so many fun elements you can incorporate into your session. 

Maybe you are posing near your motorcycle with the beach as the background! Or wearing a long flowy dress – elopement styled – and running in and out of the water. Or maybe even getting all hot and steamy with a bikini outfit change! The options are endless and completely up to you and whatever fits your personality! I’m always here to help with ideas as well!













Not to mention the long sunset beach walks that are so romantic it hurts!! The romance, dreamy lighting, natural textures and endless backgrounds that come along with a beach session are unmatched. If you are on the fence (or shall I say the shoreline) about wether or not to do a beach session…go for it! You will not regret it, and your photographer will be swooning over your inspiration and opportunity to shoot at such a timeless and fun location!










xo, kailee rose

January 12, 2023


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